edgerouter-x DSA switch does not forward bridge-in-bridge packets correctly

Michael Richardson mcr at sandelman.ca
Sun Aug 29 13:44:43 PDT 2021

{I'm ignorant about most things DSA, and I'm asking for clarification}

Fabian Bläse <fabian at blaese.de> wrote:
    > In the above configuration, frames between Ethernet port eth0 (vlan2
    > untagged) and port eth4 (vlan2 tagged) are not
    > forwarded. Interestingly, the router itself is able to reach devices
    > connected to eth0 and eth4, when pinging on the 'bridge2' interface.

    > Frames between untagged ports (e.g. eth0 and eth1) are forwarded
    > correctly and frames between tagged ports (eg. eth3 and eth4) are
    > forwarded correctly.

It sounds like the hardware bridge expects the host to do the bridging
between tagged and untagged ports.  That's my guess.

    > Also, tagged frames are incorrectly forwarded on untagged ports, so it
    > is possible to reach a device connected to eth3 (tagged) on eth2
    > (tagged).

This is rather concerning.
It sounds like the hardware bridge is completely unaware of the tagging.

    > This issue does not appear, if the 'bridge1.4' interface is configured
    > without an additional bridge, so the second bridge seems to be
    > interfering with the hardware offloading.

Why do you configure this with two layers of bridge?
I think that bridge1 is hardware offloaded, right?

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