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Sun Aug 29 06:36:09 PDT 2021

Hi Hauke

Op zondag 29 augustus 2021 om 11u53 schreef Hauke Mehrtens 
<hauke at>:
> Hi,
> We did the 21.02-rc4, but there is still a problem with flow 
> offloading as this was not fixed. The other problems should be fixed 
> now.
> On 7/17/21 5:45 PM, Hauke Mehrtens wrote:
>> Currently we still have these problem:
>> - IPv6 broken with flow offloading (according to reports, 
>> potentially related to hw flow offloading)
>> - PPPoE allegedly broken (according to reports, not fully 
>> reproducible, likely related to hw flow offloading too)
>>    -
>>    -

I'd like to add that disabling IPv6 with PPP on 21.02 will not fully 
disable IPv6 as per jow's tip here [1], would be neat if that could be 
fixed (and backported to a .1, this is not a showstopper for 21.02 
final in any way). Just wanted to put it on the radar. An unintentional 
side effect with a local ISP here is that it breaks IPv4 a well.




> Some more information can be found here:
> It could be that this change causes the problems:
> I do not know how much time and interest I have in debugging and 
> fixing this problem. If someone wants to have a closer look into this 
> problem it would be really nice. even when you can make it easier to 
> reproduce it in a test environment it would be nice.
> Should we just release with this as a known problem?
> Other than this problem I am not aware of any other critical problem.
> Hauke
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