[PATCH 0/2] TP-Link safeloader custom soft-version support

Henrique de Moraes Holschuh henrique at nic.br
Sat Aug 28 06:24:27 PDT 2021

On 27/08/2021 06:38, Sander Vanheule wrote:
> Safeloader firmware images contain a soft-version partition, which encodes
> version info about the image. There are currently two formats: plain text and
> structured binary with the firmware version number and build info.
> Currently custom firmware version number values can only be provided if these
> are text based. However, some device firmwares expect structured binary version
> info, and do not support the plain text format.
> The first patch implements a more flexible soft-version override system.
> The second patch then changes the (structured) soft-version override for the
> EAP235-WALL v1 to support recent vendor firmwares.
> EAP235-Wall support will be included in the 21.02 release, but users who
> have a v3 (or later) firmware installed, will not be able to install
> those images due to OpenWrt's "0.0.0" soft-version. Eiter both patches
> need to be included in 21.02, or users need to first install a snapshot
> image before they can install a 21.02 release image. How would PKG_RELEASE
> conflicts be avoided for backported patches?

These kind of changes are among the most useful targets for backporting 
to any OpenWRT release **that actually supports the affected models** 
(or along the backport of such support).

So, if 19.07 can actually support the EAP235-WALL v1, it would make 
extreme sense to backport the changes to 19.07, for example.  The same 
for 18.06 -- in which case it would be an unofficial backport, as that 
tree is EOL/closed.

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