[PATCH 6/6] qoriq: add support for WatchGuard Firebox M300

Alberto Bursi bobafetthotmail at gmail.com
Sun Aug 22 11:08:18 PDT 2021

On 22/08/21 13:06, Stijn Tintel wrote:
> The T1042 CPU in the M200 is e5500, as opposed to the e6500 in the M300.
> As Rui already explained, the T1042 does not support AltiVec, which musl
> expects for all PPC64 CPUs. I was able to boot Linux on it after
> patching the vector instructions out of the musl PPC64 assembly code
> [1], but I suspect I also got bitten by the THREAD_SHIFT value being set
> to the default for PPC32. I have just verified that with THREAD_SHIFT
> correctly set and that musl hack, the M200 also boots fine, to be able
> to give you the data about different RAM modules and ECC. The m200
> branch in my staging tree [2] should be a good starting point for people
> who want to continue on it. Once the qoriq target made it in the tree,
> I'll have another go at the M200, and I'll move it to the qoriq target
> then (it's still in the mpc85xx target atm), and do the DTS like I did
> for the M300.

Thanks for taking the time to test on both devices. ECC support is a 
very rare feature in OpenWrt devices outside of x86 target. Sadly I'm 
not able to deal with compile issues in Musl so I'll not be working on M200.


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