system broken

e9hack e9hack at
Thu Oct 22 04:15:32 EDT 2020


after commit 

procd: jail: clean up capability handling and non-root ubusd

system doesn't work properly. After sysupgrade, system does not restart completely and hangs somewhere in the boot process. I've to do a hard reset. After this, system does boot, but password is reset to no password. I don't know if other settings are reset too. ubusd is not started. uhttpd fails to start, because ubus socket isn't available. If I apply a previously saved backup with 'sysupgrade -r ...' and force a reboot, system starts, but tries to initialize a ext rootfs, which doesn't exist, and hangs in the boot process. At this point, I've to do a recovery via uboot. My router is a tp-link Archer C7.


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