[RFC] Policy for PKG_RELEASE bumps

Paul Spooren mail at aparcar.org
Fri Aug 7 18:32:21 EDT 2020

Hi team,

currently exist two different ideas on when to raise the PKG_RELEASE of 
a package.

* When functional things change
     For example, a OpenWrt specific patch is added

* When anything inside the packages ipk file changes
     Includes patch and so called "cosmetic" changes outside the 
Makefile, e.g. replace tabs with spaces.

While one could argue that following the first approach lowers the 
number of non functional updates via `opkg`, it results in packages with 
different checksums. To keep track of what is reproducible and what not, 
it is very helpful to see changes in PKG_RELEASE. If not, two seemingly 
same packages (version/release) have different checksums.

The frequent package updates are likely to happen only when using 
snapshots, which receives a new firmware on a daily basis anyway.

Please share your thoughts. If there are no strong arguments against 
bumping the PKG_RELEASE on anything that changes the resulting package 
content, I'd like to make that a policy.


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