[LEDE-DEV] [PATCH] ar71xx: add support for Ubiquiti Litebeam M5

Arne Zachlod arne at nerdkeller.org
Sat Nov 18 11:02:20 PST 2017

Hi John,

thanks for the input, the alphabetic ordering part is no problem, will
do that later this week.

The part I don't quite understand is

> please also add the symbol as defined to target/linux/ar71xx/config-4.X
> and undefined to target/linux/ar71xx/{nand,mikrotik}/config-default

I had a look at these and it seems like there are only symbols in the
form of
CONFIG_ATH79_xxx in there. These Symbols are then used in
as far as I understand, the ATH79_MACH_UBNT_LBE_M5 symbol I introduced
doesn't belong in there then (since that doesn't produce a new obj-file
while compiling).
Can you please tell me if I understood this correctly or if I totally
misinterpreted what you wanted?

- Arne

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