[OpenWrt-Devel] DGN3500

Vincent Bernat bernat at luffy.cx
Mon Jun 4 23:21:10 CEST 2012


Pieter  Voorthuijsen  did  some  work  to  support  Netgear  DGN3500  in
OpenWRT. I would like to try a  bit but the wiki page for this device is
a bit scarce:


Could someone  explain how the serial  port is wired? I  have found this


Is it accurate? If someone can confirm, I will update the wiki with this

Now, about  flashing, the wiki only  says how to boot  from tftp. Cannot
the  image be flashed  through uboot?  I have  also found  the following
thread that explain an alternative (but untested?) method:

Are there some  other interesting bits on this matter?  Can I just flash
the image from uboot?

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