[OpenWrt-Devel] openwrt trunk on soekris net48xx fixes

Bruno Randolf br1 at thinktube.com
Sat Feb 13 06:16:17 CET 2010


trying to use todays openwrt trunk on a soekris net4826 i ran into the 
following problems:

1) the default kernel does not boot (system continually reboots) and 
does not show any output on the serial console. i updated to kernel, 
which works better, but:

2) target/linux/x86/patches-2.6.32/300-block2mtd_init.patch causes the kernel 
(now to oops. i can boot into a block2mtd device without it, so i 
think it can be removed.

3) we have the issue of the "console" entry in grub menu.lst. it makes grub 
really slow on the soekris boards. this is also mentioned in:


other x86_generic platforms need the "console" options, so how can we change 
this conditionally based on Profile/net48xx?

4) serial speed should be 19200 by default, since this is the default setting 
of the bios. same here, this should probably be defaulted based on the 

if you can tell me how to check for a profile in the image/Makefile i'll send 
in a patch...


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