[OpenWrt-Devel] [openjump-users] Trojan in OJ.exe: Positive false message

edgar.soldin at web.de edgar.soldin at web.de
Sat Aug 28 10:57:56 CEST 2010

I am tired of antivirus detecting viruses in the oj.exe windows starter. We can't send to each and every of them that it is a false positive every time.

We have a working batch file starter. Having a second starter is a) confusing and b) unfortunately unsettling users with virus alerts. Let's abandon the idea of oj.exe until we come up with a better solution.

For a while I am thinking of a java based starter. A jar file which does the job of the script files on every platform. Usually jar files are linked with the runtime.
As a minimal version it could build only the command line and run 
the java runtime for the platform.

.. regards ede

On 28.08.2010 08:35, Arnd Kielhorn wrote:
> Hi, 
> under Windows XP with Anti virus software AVIRA and with daily actual virus information I just downloaded the official OJ release from Sourceforge and I got the message that in OJ.exe the trojan TR/Crypt.ULPM.Gen was found.
> In my opinion it is a false positive message by could be checked from one of the developers? Thanks
> Arnd

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