[OpenWrt-Devel] current build errors

Robert P. J. Day rpjday at crashcourse.ca
Tue Mar 18 09:43:16 CET 2008

  at the moment, as an experiment, i'm trying to build every package
available with openwrt on my fedora 8 system.  there are currently a
number of packages that simply don't build for one reason or another,
some of which have been in that broken state for quite some time, some
of those which i've actually created a ticket for.

  to make a long story short (and others are welcome to verify any of
this to see if maybe *i've* done something dumb), here's what appears
to be the problem list of packages.  (this is based on the absolutely
latest git pull of the repo as of yesterday):

* acx-mac80211:  appears to simply have some missing #include
	directives somewhere, but i haven't tracked it down any
	further than that

* fuse:  version 2.7.1 has a fairly obvious compile error, i've
	already submitted a patch on this list to upgrade to 2.7.3,
	which builds

* php4:  does not even patch successfully!  how lame is *that*?

* libsamplerate:  still fails due to automake version mismatch

* asterisk-addons:  shared libs are created incorrectly

  as i'm running through this test and run into broken packages, i try
to either fix them, or just deselect them for the time being and make
a note to come back to them later.  but it really is a bit lame for
packages that simply don't build to be sitting in the source for
months.  seriously.

  i can provide more debug info if anyone wants to look at any
specific broken package.  the build is still running so the list above
might get longer before it's done.


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