[OpenWrt-Devel] streamripper for whiterussian (take #2)

Steffen Dettmer openwrt-spamtrap at sws.dett.de
Sun Oct 28 02:28:13 CEST 2007


I wanted to use streamripper on my router and found
but no whiterussian backport.

For some reason (error code 4, but no helpful message even with
ipkg --verbosity=3) I could not install this package, maybe some

So based on
(actually, only some configure options) I created my package with
my whiterussian buildroot sandbox. The resulting .ikg file works.

The documentation openwrt/docs/buildroot-documentation.html told that I
should mail a new package to openwrt-devel at openwrt.org, so do I :)

just in case someone would like to build this for
http://downloads.openwrt.org/backports/0.9/ or some web forum, package
list or whatever is appropriate, if any, I uploaded it here:


there is both a streamripper-whiterussian-backport.tgz file and the
extracted contents (to take a look first or whatever). The added the
files from package/streamripper because "svn diff" didn't output because
it does not know about this directory of course, so I didn't know how to
make a complete diff. Well, that are just three new files... :)

well, would be nice if this helps anyone else also.

Thanks for all openWRT work and other helpful stuff, dear openWRT team!!
Sunshine! :-)



P.S.: the package name is "streamripper_1.62.0-_mipsel.ipk", probably
missing some PKG_RELEASE= or so.

In my first version accidently I added "libptread" as dependency, failed
to install (satisfy it) and fixed/rebuilt it. Strangely, my router still
tells libptread would be missing, but untar'd
streamripper_1.62.0-_mipsel.ipk control file and nowhere else the string
libptread can be found. I spent more than one hour searching and I give
up now. Don't know what I do wrong. Or maybe its some caching bug in
ipkg or so?

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