[FS#4225] logread starts before interface is up

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FS#4225 - logread starts before interface is up
User who did this - Harry Martin (systemdlete)

I tried changing the order of the init scripts by moving the "log" service from 12th to 21st in the sequence so that it would come just after "network" service.  This does not work either and may actually be losing even more information.

At first it may seem like the question of "which came first, the chicken or the egg?"  But I think it is more that the chicken and the egg need to be separated.  The "log" service launches both the system log daemon (which saves early boot messages in its ring buffer) and the logread daemon which forwards the messages on to the syslog server.

Instead, if the logd daemon were launched separately, early on in the boot process, and the logread daemon were launched later on after the "network" service has completed its startup, hopefully fewer messages would be dropped or lost.  In fact, with a sufficient ring buffer size, lost messages might be virtually eliminated.

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