[FS#2816] Poor upload speed with Relayd and Mediatek SoCs

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FS#2816 - Poor upload speed with Relayd and Mediatek SoCs
User who did this - Kurt Fitzner (VA1DER)

I believe this has less to do with relayd and more to do with the wireless connection.  Specifically, my MT7621 device has a very hard time sending data upstream to my primary Broadcom router.

I have had DD-WRT, and OpenWrt on this device back and forth several times in the last few days and it doesn't matter what firmware I have on it, the upstream transmit is horrible.  At times I can watch the association flip between modes every few seconds, almost always with a strong downstream and a very weak upstream.  Even at times when the association looks stable, though, upstream traffic is terrible.

I suspect that most people are using relayd because WDS doesn't work, and the most common time when WDS doesn't work is when you are trying to use it between, say, Broadcom and Mediatek devices.  That is why people are experiencing this bug and associating it with relayd.

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