[FS#3499] [netifd] no way to monitor the real state of a connection via protocol handlers

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FS#3499 - [netifd] no way to monitor the real state of a connection via protocol handlers
User who did this - Aleksander Morgado (aleksander0m)

I haven't seen your reply until now; sorry!

We recently discussed about how to best handle this in the MM mailing list, and a solution like the one you suggest, using `proto_init_update $ifname 0; proto_send_update`, makes sense.

The way forward I'm suggesting is to allow ModemManager to run "post-event" dispatcher scripts; e.g. we could allow the user to have custom scripts that are run by the MM daemon when a given connection is connected or disconnected. Then, the openwrt packaging could provide a script to call on network-triggered disconnections, which would do the `proto_init_update $ifname 0; proto_send_update` call to notify netifd that the connection is really down.

See https://lists.freedesktop.org/archives/modemmanager-devel/2022-January/009075.html

What do you think of this? It would not require a separate daemon to monitor the connection, it would all be managed by MM and the openwrt-installed dispatcher script.

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