[FS#3657] dnsmasq listen on the wrong address after the PPP update

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FS#3657 - dnsmasq listen on the wrong address after the PPP update
User who did this - Val Kulkov (val-kulkov)

I am observing the same problem. In my case, the error message is:

  dnsmasq[24965]: failed to create listening socket for fe80::200:ff:fe00:0%pppoe-wan: Address not available

Here is my configuration (the public IPv6 address has been obfuscated):

  root at openwrt:~# ip -6 address show dev pppoe-wan
  21: pppoe-wan:  mtu 1492 state UNKNOWN qlen 3
      inet6 2607:deaf:deaf::2f7d/128 scope global dynamic noprefixroute 
         valid_lft 82271sec preferred_lft 82271sec
      inet6 fe80::1d8:5efd:9947:1f55/128 scope link 
         valid_lft forever preferred_lft forever

  root at openwrt:~# ip -6 route show dev pppoe-wan
  default from 2607:deaf:deaf::2f7d via fe80::200:ff:fe00:0 dev pppoe-wan  metric 512 
  default from 2607:deaf:dead::/56 via fe80::200:ff:fe00:0 dev pppoe-wan  metric 512 
  fe80::1d8:5efd:9947:1f55 dev pppoe-wan  metric 256 
  fe80::200:ff:fe00:0 dev pppoe-wan  metric 256 
  multicast ff00::/8 dev pppoe-wan  metric 256 

Note that LLLOCAL is fe80::1d8:5efd:9947:1f55 and RLLOCAL is fe80::200:ff:fe00:0. "ip -6 addr" shows only LLLOCAL, which is correct. I do not understand why "ip -6 route" lists a routing destination for RLLOCAL at all (fe80::200:ff:fe00:0 dev pppoe-wan  metric 256), but as long as RLLOCAL is routed to "dev pppoe-wan" it does not create a problem I think.

For some reason, dnsmasq thinks RLLOCAL is a local address and attempts to listen on that address, which apparently cannot succeed. As a workaround, I added "list notinterface 'pppoe-wan'" to the "config dnsmasq" section in /etc/config/dhcp to prevent dnsmasq from listening on pppoe-wan interface. But why RLLOCAL appears as a local address for dnsmasq in the first place?


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