[FS#3355] UMDNS: does not start on master with seccomp

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FS#3355 - UMDNS: does not start on master with seccomp 
User who did this - Filip Matijević (filippz)

That should do it, but I think it's not umdns to blame.

I have a couple of C2600 (IPQ806x custom snapshot built with 5.10 kernel) that have working **umdns** without procd-**seccomp** being installed. AFAIK, both C2600 and C7 have kernel that is compiled with seccomp support (they both have /proc/sys/kernel/seccomp folder) and on C2600 it works, and on C7 the procd is trying to call **/sbin/seccomp-trace** which is not there. I have only umdns installed which is having config in /etc/seccomp but I would assume that any package whit profile there would break on some targets.

So the right this should be to figure out why procd tries to run /sbin/seccomp-trace /sbin/umdns on some targets and simply /sbin/umdns on others

Comparing procd versions on both targets I see that **21.02.0 has an older version 2021-02-23-37eed131-1** while my C2600s are **running 2021-08-31-773e8da4-2**, so simply updating procd to something more recent **might fix this** properly.

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