[FS#3854] procd / inittab does not restart compiled c application when it closes

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FS#3854 - procd / inittab does not restart compiled c application when it closes
User who did this - Ke (kse)

Any updates on this? I verified again today with the 21.02 fresh install and can verify that respawn isn't working with a simple sh script. Runs once and does NOT respawn. So the initial run of the respawn works and the respawn itself never happens. I have fully moved my app/script over to a procd init script to work on 19.07, but it's not ideal.

Docs suggest that respawn works via inittab and in every case I've tried so far, even with a simple script that just says 'hello' and exits, it will not respawn.


This seems to be due to handing all of the busybox init duties over to procd? Am I mistaken there?

After testing it pretty extensively with many different builds, the respawn just isn't working, so either the docs are wrong or I'm wrong with the suggested functionality. But I would think that just having a simple script that exits would respawn if I told it to with inittab.

Script (Located in /bin/script):


logger -t '' Hello

sleep 10

exit 0

I tried without and with the exit.


::sysinit:/etc/init.d/rcS S boot
::shutdown:/etc/init.d/rcS K shutdown

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