[FS#3373] IPV6 flow offload broken

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Thu Sep 2 14:09:57 PDT 2021


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FS#3373 - IPV6 flow offload broken
User who did this - Shine- (Shine-)

OK, seriously. You released 21.02 today. With this bug. I updated. It - well - STOPPED WORKING. You know, most major websites, like, Google. Facebook. Ebay. Are using IPv6. And you are releasing a new major release of OpenWRT that stops supporting IPv6. Wow. Hello? I mean, yes, offloading is disabled by default. But every 19.07 user has it turned on, because OpenWRT is painfully slow without. And now you break it? And nevertheless release the broken version as a new major release? Again, wow. Wow.

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