[FS#4103] Meraki MR33 5G radio : cannot maintain high channels

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FS#4103 - Meraki MR33 5G radio : cannot maintain high channels
User who did this - Mark Shickell (mash2895)

Figured this out I think.

It seems Band C channels (149-161) are specially handled in the UK and channels beyond that not part of our standards.

So you can set these channels on the MR33 but the other devices, smart phones for example, are aware of what country they are in and will use only the appropriate channels.

This means that stuff won't work and some channel scanner apps simply are blind to the higher channels making you think the radios are not working. Add to that that the MR33 seems to randomly change channel from these higher frequencies (maybe not properly supported?) and you've got some really confusing symptoms.

Maybe it would be clearer if when GB is selected that channels higher than 140 are no longer able to be selected.

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