[FS#4100] SQUASHFS errors with OpenWrt 21.02

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Sun Oct 24 06:07:13 PDT 2021


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FS#4100 - SQUASHFS errors with OpenWrt 21.02
User who did this - M95D (M95D)

Even more debugging:

I extracted the squashfs from the original firmware image that was uploaded to the router. They are identical, except for some extra 0xFF at the end (ubifs read back from the router's mtd is larger, probably because it extends until the end of the erase block).

So, it's not a flash write issue, and it's not a hardware defect.
Both squashfs images can be extracted with the unsquashfs tool without any errors. So, there must be something wrong with the kernel xz decompressor. This affects both my router and my x64 Gentoo machine. Both kernels are v5.10

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