[FS#4032] Uplink ethernet ports not connecting at gigabit speeds (Ath79)

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FS#4032 - Uplink ethernet ports not connecting at gigabit speeds (Ath79)
User who did this - Boris Gjenero (dreamlayers)

The phy numbering is correct. You can look at switch ports via "swconfig dev switch0 show", and different phy via "mii-tool -vvv -p # eth1", replacing # with 0 through 4. Switch port 0 connects to the CPU, without a phy. Switch ports 1 to 4 are LAN ports on the back, and correspond to phy 0 to 3. The wan port corresponds to phy 4.

The "ath79_eth1_data.phy_mask = BIT(4);" in the old config corresponds to the eth1 phy being at address 4 in the new device tree. That's fine, it selects the correct phy.

The problem can be seen in "registers for MII PHY 4:" output of "mii-tool -p 4 -vvv eth1", the second number in the second row. It's 0200 for phy 0 through 3 and phy 4 in 19.07.8, but 0000 for phy 4 in 21.02.0. This seems to be a real phy hardware register claiming the hardware doesn't support gigabit. I do not know why. The other phy will show gigabit support even when connected at slower speeds to devices which don't support gigabit on the other end.


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