[FS#4071] Lantiq-VRX200 modem is using wrong line mode

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FS#4071 -  Lantiq-VRX200 modem is using wrong line mode
User who did this - moeller0 (moeller0)

Mmmh, G.993.5 is the actual vectoring spec and not the standard in use, according to how I read the new code
 G.993.2 (VDSL2 with down- and upstream vectoring)
really is OpenWrt's way of saying G 993.5....

The downgrade in Download sync indicates maybe that the DSLAM put your modem into a fall-backprofile? (E.g. in Germany the incumbent Deutsche Telekom, will move links where DSLAM and Modem could not successfully negotiate vectoring into a profile only using the lowest 2.2 MHz of spectrum as that is exempted from Vectoring so that old ADSL modems do not eed to be relaced). Now, that system should automatically renegotiate vectoring and release the spectrum restricted profile once a vectoring capable mode successfully handshakes with the DSLAM, but I heard anecdotal reports, that operator intervention sometimes was required after sme experiments with non-vectoring enabled firmware blobs.


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