[FS#4055] [bcm53xx] EA9500 - OpenWrt fails to boot with Latest snapshot builds

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FS#4055 - [bcm53xx] EA9500 - OpenWrt fails to boot with Latest snapshot builds
User who did this - Rafał Miłecki (rmilecki)

Northstar's MDIO at 0x18003000 is DT-defined and it's external MDIO at 0x200 is DT-defined as well. The only sane way is to describe BCM53125 in DT (as it's done right now in the bcm47094-linksys-panamera.dts).

To support DT-defined MDIO device (and BCM53125 is an MDIO device - not a PHY device) we need MDIO driver.

OpenWrt's downstream swconfig-based b53 doesn't behave as MDIO driver. It registers as PHY driver. It can't be used in its current from to support EA9500's BCM53125.

We have two options:
1. Refactor downstream swconfig-based b53 to act as MDIO driver
2. Switch to the upstream DSA-based b53

I'm planning to switch whole bcm53xx to DSA so I think that working on downstream swconfig-based b53 is waste of time.

Give me few more weeks to sort out remaining bcm53xx issues and we'll get BCM53125 support for "free" soon.

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