[FS#4137] OpenWRT 21.02.1 doesn't completely boot on RaidSonic IB-NAS4220-B

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Sun Nov 21 00:49:56 PST 2021


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FS#4137 - OpenWRT 21.02.1 doesn't completely boot on RaidSonic IB-NAS4220-B
User who did this - Steven Maddox (Lantizia)

Also trying the ext4 (rather than squashfs) version of this file...


Well when you're trying to write the hddapp.tgz file you get told it's too big...

                              Boot Menu
0: Reboot                                   1: Start the Kernel Code
2: List Image                               3: Delete Image
4: Create New Image                         5: Enter Command Line Interface
6: Set IP Address                           7: Set MAC Address
8: Show Configuration                       F: Create Default FIS
X: Upgrade Boot                             Y: Upgrade Kernel
Z: Upgrade Firmware                         A: Upgrade Application
R: Upgrade RAM Disk                         

=> Select: A

1  : Download by X-modem
2  : Download by TFTP
ESC: Return 
==> 2
TFTP Server IP Address:
Image Path and name(e.g. /images/zImage): hddapp.tgz
TFTP Download hddapp.tgz from ........................................................

Successful to download by TFTP! Size=6292480
File is too large!

Which basically means unless something changes... either way it's game over for the latest version of OpenWRT working on this device any longer?

More information can be found at the following URL:

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