[FS#4140] umdns does not respect legacy queries (not from port 5353) (Attachment added)

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Wed Nov 17 12:18:40 PST 2021


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FS#4140 - umdns does not respect legacy queries (not from port 5353)
User who did this - Kirill Elagin (kirelagin)

I made a patch (untested!) that will make the response go to the right address/port.

However, there are additional requirements that, IIUC, are currently not satisfies:

                                This unicast response MUST be a
   conventional unicast response as would be generated by a conventional
   Unicast DNS server; for example, it MUST repeat the query ID and the
   question given in the query message.  In addition, the cache-flush
   bit described in Section 10.2, "Announcements to Flush Outdated Cache
   Entries", MUST NOT be set in legacy unicast responses.

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