[FS#3355] UMDNS: does not start on master with seccomp

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Tue Nov 16 20:02:46 PST 2021


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FS#3355 - UMDNS: does not start on master with seccomp 
User who did this - Kirill Elagin (kirelagin)

This is the relevant code from procd (it is building the command line to execute).

	if (in->trace)
		argv[argc++] = "/sbin/utrace";
	else if (seccomp)
		argv[argc++] = "/sbin/seccomp-trace";

So, if //procd// is built with seccomp support (which is controlled by make menuconfig) and the init script sets the //seccomp// option (and does not set the //trace// option), ///sbin/seccomp-trace// will be prepended.

I don’t know, it kind of looks like //procd-seccomp// does need to be a dependency of any package whose init scripts request seccomp?

An alternative would be to always install //procd-seccomp// if //CONFIG_SECCOMP// is set and then make packages that want to use it check this configuration option and conditionally keep or remove the seccomp logic in their script?

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