[FS#3099] ipq806x: kernel 5.4 crash related to CPU frequency scaling

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FS#3099 - ipq806x: kernel 5.4 crash related to CPU frequency scaling
User who did this - Shane (digitalcircuit)

====☑ Snapshot succeeds ~6/6 times where 21.02.0-rc1 fails ~7/8 times====

As explained in my previous comment, I've tested an operation of around six hours that would only succeed roughly 1 out of 8 tries with 21.02.0-rc1, and it worked 6 out of 6 times with the snapshot ("Tue May 18 22:05:39 2021") on the ZyXEL NBG6817.

Due to the periodic, non-continuous CPU usage of the operation (Deja Dup SFTP backup), I suspect this exercises the CPU governor, hence the near-consistent crashing on rc1 without the changes, and the rock-solid operation after on the snapshot with the changes.

It remains possible that other changes between 21.02.0-rc1 and the snapshot I used fixed the issue, but due to keeping configuration (sysupgrade) and the CPU-related nature, this seems unlikely.

If possible, please backport the CPU governor changes in Linux kernel 5.4 from the snapshot into 21.02-rc1.

I'll test this once -rc2 is available, or sooner - I'm willing to look into building and flashing custom kernel versions.  Feel free to let me know if other testing would be helpful, too.

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