[FS#3816] 21.02-SNAPSHOT - Building with LXC-Support breaks passwd (and something else?)

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Wed May 19 06:48:51 PDT 2021


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FS#3816 - 21.02-SNAPSHOT - Building with LXC-Support breaks passwd (and something else?)
User who did this - Jo-Philipp Wich (jow-)

> root:$2a$13$o6uIc/e...

This is a bcrypt hash which is not supported by musl libc unless you disable the crpyt size hack option during build. Normally, the builtin busybox `passwd` applet will only generate MD5 hashes (starting with "$1$..."). Did you maybe include something like the full shadow suite in your build? This could explain your troubles.

You can likely solve the issue by rebuilding with the following option enabled in menuconfig:

[*] Advanced configuration options (for developers)
 -> [*] Toolchain Options
    -> [*] Include crypt() support for SHA256, SHA512 and Blowfish ciphers


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