[FS#3800] ath79: trunk is bricking old ath9k devices

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Tue May 18 23:00:31 PDT 2021


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FS#3800 - ath79: trunk is bricking old ath9k devices
User who did this - GKaURTbV (GKaURTbV)

@pmgp can you apply patches on top of trunk and build/test?

As I am understanding the issue - commit "ath79: lzma-loader: allow setting custom kernel magic" did almost everything right, except for setting some vars to empty, which if not done - get wrong values from previous device in tree or something like it.

Commit https://github.com/openwrt/openwrt/pull/4143/commits/37b0a1364b9ad7a689aa9210996560a360e3a412 "ath79: set lzma-loader variables to null by default" from this pull request
should fix the above problem, and make trunk work again, at least it did for the CPE210v1 I have.

So if someone is building their own firmware - can you try applying the described changes and test?

I use ready made firmwares too, so I cannot do it..

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