[FS#3856] Totolink x5000r - wifi autodetection incompatible with iwinfo/luci

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Thu Jun 10 01:28:52 PDT 2021


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FS#3856 - Totolink x5000r - wifi autodetection incompatible with iwinfo/luci
User who did this - Rafał Miłecki (rmilecki)

Your router has single PCIe device with two PHYs. That's why your devices in the /etc/config/wireless have paths "foo" and "foo+1".

The problem is your iwinfo not understanding that. That has been just fixed with the commit 6e8475bbd0c8 ("iwinfo: update to the latest version").

Related to that is also commit e1d57d4d4349 ("mac80211: rely on iwinfo for phy->path and path->phy lookups").

Once above fix receives some testing we'll probably backport it to the 21.02 release branch too. Meanwhile you could help by testing the latest master branch.

More information can be found at the following URL:

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