[FS#3854] procd / inittab does not restart compiled c application when it closes (Attachment added)

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FS#3854 - procd / inittab does not restart compiled c application when it closes
User who did this - Ke (kse)

Thanks for the resopnse,

1. No - no further children. HelloWorldBase simply prints, returns, and the launcher awaits it and returns. Yes the wait call is waiting the result of the base app called by execve - sorry for the confusion there. I can try modifying the application further to see if it works, however I did more testing of my own (attached console logs). As I said in my original post, I had a script that was correctly being respawned - and since then I've found that it's not being respawned correctly. (The script itself never actually dies, so it never necessitates respawning, I just had it set to respawn as a safety net) However, I have reproduced the issue by killing the processes and noting that no attempt at respawn is happening.

After looking at the git page for procd and attempting to educate myself on exactly how things work and what may have changed, I tend to agree it's hard to believe there would be a bug with procd itself - however, I feel as if I've done my best to isolate any variables on my end:

I have an application and a script
I built OpenWRT - One on 18.06.07 and one on 19.07.07 - both built with the same packages (that are available to both)
On one build (18.06), my script and application respawn via procd, on the other, they don't

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