[FS#3373] IPV6 flow offload broken

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Mon Jan 25 10:52:28 EST 2021


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FS#3373 - IPV6 flow offload broken
User who did this - netprince (netprince)

Just another datapoint, using the exact same configuration for each build.  This was tested using a Xiaomi Mi Router 3G.  This occurs with and without hardware offload enabled.

A build of OpenWrt 19.07-SNAPSHOT, r11285-11f4918ebb (dated 20210125), offloading works great.

A build of OpenWrt SNAPSHOT, r15599-37752336bd (dated 20210125), ipv6 connections stall after being idle for a while.  (switching back and forth between apps on a phone for example)

When the connection stalls, everything in the app (on my phone) just hangs for about 8-10 seconds before finally coming back to life.


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