[FS#2816] Poor upload speed with Relayd and Mediatek SoCs

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FS#2816 - Poor upload speed with Relayd and Mediatek SoCs
User who did this - Thomas Beckler (TBeckler)

I can confirm this bug on a Netgear R6220 (MT7621). Same observations like above.
  * Only present using relayd (standard access point operation in 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz WIFI shows high throughput) with any WIFI client
  * Only present using 5 GHz WIFI (using relayd on 2.4 GHz WIFI is OK)
  * low throughput ~1 Mbit/s
  * issue can be "compensated" by changeing the "fragmentation threshold".

Thank you for this bug report, as 
  * I always thought it is related to my specific router and the hardware (FS#3080 - ramips/mt7621 Netgear R6220 WIFI 5 GHz issue).
  * I never thought this could be related to relayd


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