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User who did this - Eelco Verschoor (EelcoV)

Currently I am not using openwrt, but I have/had a similar issue. This had to do with "too" many clients trying to connect to the mesh peer at the same time. It then also got into the PLINK_BLOCKED state. 

First of all, I removed setting the PLINK_BLOCKED state when authentication fails several times (couldn't find it in the ieee802.11 standard anyway...). Then I noticed a lot of "anti-clogging" messages (see also chapter 12.4.6 in ieee802.11 standard). This mechanism will start sending tokens along with frames to reduce the number of peers which are allowed to perform authentication at the same time. This then led to  peers getting blocked because they were not allowed to authenticate.

Maybe you can check your logs for this kind of messages; Also, when you try to reproduce the issue, make sure you have a lot of peers (I had to have more than 5 peers...)

I have posted my original issue here, maybe this helps to get more insight into the issue. http://lists.infradead.org/pipermail/hostap/2021-December/040095.html

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