[FS#4146] e1000e: Detected Hardware Unit Hang, Reset adapter unexpectedly

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FS#4146 - e1000e: Detected Hardware Unit Hang, Reset adapter unexpectedly
User who did this - equid0x (equid0x)

This is known as the "TX Unit Hang" issue and its allegedly a bug in silicon that can't be fixed. As far as I recall, Intel released an updated microcode(included in driver) for this series of chips that partially mitigates, but does not completely eliminate the issue. This is a very, very old issue. 

I believe the workaround is to turn off checksum offloading:

ethtool -K eth0 tx off rx off

The bug is probably reproducible if you use something like iPerf or Netcat to totally flood the affected interface with TX traffic for an extended period of time (several minutes). 

I did a cursory search on this out of curiosity and interestingly, there is at least one user who has reported that the issue does not seem to occur while running under kernel 5.11 so its possible someone finally tracked down and fixed a long standing bug in the driver source. This issue has been around since at least 2009(!). 


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