[FS#4189] DHCP server detection in dnsmasq init script is unreliable

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Fri Dec 17 05:54:28 PST 2021


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User who did this - Peter van Dijk (Habbie) 

Attached to Project - OpenWrt/LEDE Project
Summary - DHCP server detection in dnsmasq init script is unreliable
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============ Context

dnsmasq.init, as shipped in OpenWrt (any version I can find including master), tries to detect active DHCP servers on the network before configuring dnsmasq as a DHCP server.

============ Short

The 3 second udhcpc timeout in dnsmasq.init is too short and is likely to not notice another dnsmasq running on the same LAN.

============ Long
This happens with the following line in dnsmasq.init:

        udhcpc -n -q -s /bin/true -t 1 -i "$ifname" >&- && rv=1 || rv=0

with these options, udhcpc gives up after 3 seconds if no response is received.

However, dnsmasq, with default settings (*not* passing --5/--no-ping), will ICMP ping probe an address before it hands it out. The timeout for that is "two to three seconds" - see "Q: Does the dnsmasq DHCP server probe addresses before allocating them, as recommended in RFC2131?" at https://thekelleys.org.uk/dnsmasq/docs/FAQ . This text also mentions that dnsmasq can only probe one address at a time, and thus only handle one DHCP request at a time. This means that it is very easy for the udhcpc call to falsely timeout because dnsmasq was not responding, or not responding quickly enough.

I noticed this in practice on a network with two dnsmasqs already running. The third one would randomly end up with DHCP enabled or disabled, depending on whether udhcpc timed out, or got a lease in just under 3 seconds.

============ What to do

Increase the udhcpc timeout?

Remove the whole check, as it is unreliable, and thus might surprise a user two weeks from now?

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