[FS#3980] umbim "address-of-packed-member" compilation warning/errors (Attachment added)

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FS#3980 - umbim "address-of-packed-member" compilation warning/errors
User who did this - Kevin 'ldir' Darbyshire-Bryant (ldir)

Taking the address (pointer to) a member of a structure is unpredictable.  There is no guarantee that the type of objects defined in the structure meet architecture alignment rules. ie. there's no guarantee that the 2 signed ints (32 bit) in the string structure are suitably aligned in memory for native cpu access which may require them at 2 or even 4 byte boundaries.

The truly horrible workaround is to pass pointers to a local version of the 'string' structure which is guaranteed to be suitably aligned by the compiler and then copy in/out to final destination in memory.

A suitable patch attached, which compiles for me but is in no way run-time tested.

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