[VOTE] commit access for EO Sungbo

Luka Perkov luka.perkov at sartura.hr
Thu Oct 7 01:56:16 PDT 2021

On Wed, Oct 6, 2021 at 11:50 PM Adrian Schmutzler
<mail at adrianschmutzler.de> wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> I'd like to start a vote on giving commit access to EO Sungbo (aka mans0n on
> GitHub).
> He has contributed to various platforms and also relatively frequently
> commented on and reviewed other people's PRs on GitHub.
> After having a closer look, I found that within the last 2 years (and also 3
> years ;-)) he actually is the author with 2nd-most commits in the core repo
> who is not a core member. (The submissions use the name "Sungbo Eo")
> I've noticed him as somebody whose submissions have high quality and who is
> interested in doing things properly, not just getting stuff in.
> Actually, his reviews were already helping us quite a lot, since they
> allowed me to merge stuff on platforms where there is not much interest by
> any committer.
> Our chat in preparation of this proposal has also shown me that he has
> genuine interest in and ideas for the future of OpenWrt.
> I'd thus be happy to have him on our team and think that he would be a great
> help and addition to our project.
> It would be nice if we could conclude this vote within the next two weeks.

I vote with Yes.


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