Replace oppressive terms with inclusive terms.

Ted Hess thess at
Sun Jun 27 10:24:33 PDT 2021

On 6/27/2021 11:47:50 AM, "Adrian Schmutzler" <mail at> 

>>  There are only a few things more dangerous when you start censoring or
>>  reinterpreting past literature or events, specially when you hope that
>>  you don't like have to be looked up in a dictionary. I don't think wiping
>>  the past (which is an all-time favorite for both far-right and far-left)
>>  make the world a better place. You know the drill, you either learn from
>>  past or repeat it. This "woke movement" has an alarming number of
>>  similarities to both extremes from our history.
>>  As far as I know we have a defined way to start voting and cross-posting
>>  never one of them.
>>  You are free to be neutral, but nonsense like this will be always a
>>  "no" from me.
>Thanks for wrapping this up into the proper words/arguments.

Fantastic summary of exactly my feeling on all this - since we're 
voting, that would be:

No - from me.


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