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Quantum Mirror root at
Fri Jan 22 11:42:37 EST 2021


I'm just a newcomer mirror admin here but big +1 for Baptiste.

Maybe you can also ask the team for mirroring the project,
their service is very stable.

As a user, I had a lot of problems with CDN hosted repos.



On 2021. 01. 22. 16:47, Baptiste Jonglez wrote:
> Hi,
> On 21-01-21, Paul Spooren wrote:
>> it took a little time but now we're sponsored by fastly to speed up our
>> downloads.
> Cool, what is the deal?  Is there a contract duration or an upper bound on
> the generated traffic?
>> In cooperation with Ted I'm setting up and suggest
>> to enable CDN as preferred mirror. Specifically  that means to revert the
>> follow commit:
>> bf96eb55c8 Revert "scripts/download: add sources CDN as first mirror."
> Like jow, I don't see the point of putting an OpenWrt-managed CDN in front
> of all project-specific mirrors.
> Think about it by assuming you pay for the CDN usage.  Why would you pay
> to serve data to all buildroot users when there are already many different
> mirrors to handle this traffic?  Also, it centralizes source downloads
> while there is no need to do it.
> It's fine to add it as a fallback like we do currently with
>  In both cases, the origin server
> is still a single point of failure.
>> Due to the recent buildbot issues with updating feeds I'm wondering if we
>> should add all standard feeds as folders to sources.o.o and change the
>> default feeds file to download from the CDN rather than git.o.o. This should
>> give a massive release to the git servers and future failures.
>> Additionally we could use a non-public origin server which feeds the CDN and
>> mirrors and distribute downloads.o.o directly via CDN.
> For, the CDN service should be equivalent to the
> current service.  Downloads from device should not be automatically
> redirected to HTTPS (for opkg packages, and also for sysupgrade downloads
> from the device itself).  I think this is currently handled through
> user-agent matching.
> And it should definitely have IPv6.
> Thanks,
> Baptiste
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