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On 21-01-21, Paul Spooren wrote:
> it took a little time but now we're sponsored by fastly to speed up our
> downloads.

Cool, what is the deal?  Is there a contract duration or an upper bound on
the generated traffic?

> In cooperation with Ted I'm setting up and suggest
> to enable CDN as preferred mirror. Specifically  that means to revert the
> follow commit:
> bf96eb55c8 Revert "scripts/download: add sources CDN as first mirror."

Like jow, I don't see the point of putting an OpenWrt-managed CDN in front
of all project-specific mirrors.

Think about it by assuming you pay for the CDN usage.  Why would you pay
to serve data to all buildroot users when there are already many different
mirrors to handle this traffic?  Also, it centralizes source downloads
while there is no need to do it.

It's fine to add it as a fallback like we do currently with  In both cases, the origin server
is still a single point of failure.

> Due to the recent buildbot issues with updating feeds I'm wondering if we
> should add all standard feeds as folders to sources.o.o and change the
> default feeds file to download from the CDN rather than git.o.o. This should
> give a massive release to the git servers and future failures.
> Additionally we could use a non-public origin server which feeds the CDN and
> mirrors and distribute downloads.o.o directly via CDN.

For, the CDN service should be equivalent to the
current service.  Downloads from device should not be automatically
redirected to HTTPS (for opkg packages, and also for sysupgrade downloads
from the device itself).  I think this is currently handled through
user-agent matching.

And it should definitely have IPv6.

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