AW: Publish firmware selector

Thomas Endt tmo26 at
Sat Nov 14 07:41:29 EST 2020

> von Paul Spooren
> Gesendet: Donnerstag, 5. November 2020 10:02


> Please test the selector and share objections against a release.

I'm still missing the "Big picture" and the plan behind it.

What is the plan how to really integrate this into the current working
infrastructure (i.e. the wiki, which I feel is simply ignored completely),
i.e. make the downloads for the specific devices available on the
The devicepages is where the download links are needed, because that's where
the installation instructions reside.

Having a separate firmware selector page leaves the next question open: Now
that I have downloaded the firmware, how do I install it?
Why are we ripping apart firmware download links and installation
Why do we need the firmware selector in the first place?

The wiki should be your one-stop-solution: Enter your model name into the
wiki search, find the devicepage and you will have all information (download
links, installation instructions, and more) about your device on one page.



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