move attended sysupgrade server to offical git

Paul Spooren paul at
Fri Aug 18 15:46:42 EDT 2017

Dear all,

TL;DR move [1] to

as some of you may know I'm creating a sysupgrade server [1] within this
years GSoC [2].

The main Idea is to simplify the sysupgrade process for casual users.
The project aims to offer a dead simple way to upgrade the router to a
new release and update installed packages. A Luci app makes the router
request tailored images created by the server mentioned above. Once
created a single click upgrades the router.

Lower parts of the sysupgrade process aren't touched. The Luci app uses
ubus to trigger an sysupgrade.

Within the project I created three packages [3,4,5] witch are already
merged to upstream. The server code is still in my personal GitHub
account [1]. Is it possible to create a new repository in the official
LEDE Git, granting me access and let me continue the development there?

There are more plans for the upgrade server, if possible I'd like to
continue developing the tool, bringing it to a stable release and maybe
eventually even offer the service officially. Alldepending on users (and
your) reaction and adaption.

GSoC 17 ends on Friday next week so I'd be happiest if the move, if
however possible, could happen within this time.

Please don't hesitate to ask further questions about the project and
share your doubts.



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