Support for TP-Link CPE710-v2

Brice GIBOUDEAU brice at
Tue May 21 05:17:53 PDT 2024


I recently bought two CPE710 and I had the surprise to get V2 hardware instead of V1.
I can't upgrade via the web interface (normal) and before trying to force the upgrade via TFTP I wanted to ask if some of you already already know the compatibility of V1 firmware over V2 hardware.

I searched on the git and the forum and I can't get any informations about the HW difference between V1 and V2.
I also tried to inspect the hardware and it seems to be sealed and as I need my two devices I did not push more to connect a serial interface and inspect chips references on the V2.

If nobody already knows compatibility on V2, I may buy a third antenna and sacrifice it to get answers.


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