[RFC PATCH] hostapd: Add support for APuP

David Bauer mail at david-bauer.net
Tue May 21 01:45:13 PDT 2024

Hi Gio,

thanks for sending this patch to the mailinglist. We've talked at last WCW in Berlin
(If i don't mistake you for something else).

I gave the patch a test-run yesterday with two MT7915 and radios and I've observed two

1. Neither the 2.4 nor 5 GHz radios enable 802.11ax capabilities. This is an easy fix,
    as you don't copy over the HE capabilities to the STA. I've added this and 802.11ax
    rates were negotiated. So this is an easy fix.

2. The connection does not establish a Block-Ack session (neither automatically nor manually).
    I did not look into this, but is this something which you can reproduce? The throughput is
    very low (~30 Mbit/s on HE20 5GHz).


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