Install LuCI for snapshots builds

Thibaut hacks at
Wed May 8 01:27:41 PDT 2024


> Le 8 mai 2024 à 09:30, Jo-Philipp Wich <jo at> a écrit :
> Hi,
>> [...]
>> Let me explain why:
>> Currently the snapshot builders are only building **target-specific**
>> packages as well as packages included in the image by default. (We call
>> that "phase1"). That means that a single build takes around 2~3 hours,
>> depending on the target and the machine carrying out the build. In this
>> way we manage to have every target build once approximately every 24
>> hours.
>> If we wanted to include LuCI, that would basically mean that we will not
>> only have to include all the LuCI modules and applications, but also
>> **all their dependencies** which is basically half of the packages feed.

Nope, that’s not how it works.

> This does not sound correct. They would only build those LuCI sub-packages being included in the image (luci-base, luci-theme-bootstrap, luci-mod-network, luci-mod-system, luci-mod-status, ...) and they mostly depend on stuff being present in the default image anyway.

Correct indeed, that’s how it’s done on release builds. Snapshots would be slower to build, but inasmuch as release builds are (it may add up overall).

There may also be some dependency problems for users who try to install additional packages from the repo (e.g. if a version as new as the one on the image hasn’t yet been built by phase2), but that’s *expected* with snapshot.

I personally have no opinion on embedding Luci in snapshots so this is just to provide extra datapoints :)


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