[PATCH 1/2] realtek/rtl839x: respect phy-is-integrated property

Andreas Böhler dev at aboehler.at
Tue May 7 05:34:02 PDT 2024


On 27/04/2024 00:40, stijn at linux-ipv6.be wrote:
> Respect the phy-is-integrated property on ethernet-phy nodes.
> There are RTL8393M switches where the PHYs at address 48 and 49 are
> provided by an external RTL8214FC. Hardcoding them to use the internal
> SerDes makes it impossible to use the ports connected to such an
> external PHY. Respect the phy-is-integrated property on ethernet-phy
> nodes as a first step to support such ports.
> The potential impact for this should be limited to RTL8393 based
> switches, and looking at the commit messages and device tree files of
> the supported switches based on this SoC, the SFP and/or combo ports are
> either not working (D-Link DGS-1210-52, Netgear GS750E, TP-Link
> SG2452P/T1600G-52PS), use PHYs at a different address (Panasonic
> SwitchM48EG PN28480K), or already have the phy-is-integrated property
> set on the PHYs at address 48 and 49.

Some time ago, Jan Hoffmann has been working on support for the HPE 
1920-48G switch. He came up with a very similar patch and also with 
patches for the RTL8214FC. I'm using his version for quite some time now 
on my HPE switch.

Here is his commit: 

Unfortunately, there are so many different patches floating around, 
scattered across different forks, it's hard to know who has done what.


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