Question to recent Qualcomm CVEs

Sven Eckelmann sven at
Thu May 2 00:25:03 PDT 2024

On Monday, 29 April 2024 15:36:47 CEST Sven Eckelmann wrote:
> On Monday, 29 April 2024 15:14:18 CEST Kalle Valo wrote:
> > It's quite strange that they updated branch first but my
> > understanding that there should be updates for the newer branch
> > as well ( branch is also in linux-firmware).
> Yes, I also told them in the support ticket that this is from an older branch 
> than what is currently shipped in linux-firmware.git. But they told me 
> that they are working on newer versions (whatever that means) - but they 
> wanted to  handle first the update to ATH.11.4 (2.5.0.x) and then 
> step-by-step release it for newer firmware branches. It seem like that would be 
> up to 2.9.0.x - no idea why there is no (public) 2.10.x/2.11.x for the AP 
> SoCs.

Just as info: The non-public QCA ticket was simply closed on Tuesday (without 
having any upload which works for Robert and is from the same/newer branch 
than what is currently in linux-firmware.git). So maybe we are actually out of 

Kind regards,

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