OpenWrt One - celebrating 20 years of OpenWrt

John Crispin john at
Mon Feb 26 10:39:15 PST 2024

Hi Rafał,

> Is there any update / schedule you could share?
I have been meaning to send an update for a few days. Thanks for 
reminding me.
> I'm really looking forward to this device.
yeah, me too ;)

Lots of stuff has been happening. There was a short break due to the 
lunar new year but we are picking up pace again.

*) schematics are done
*) PCB is mostly routed (

*) there was a small hiccup in registering the OUI block that we are 
currently resolving
*) the trademark agreement is being worked on - I have a call with SFC 
tomorrow to discuss this

I am expecting that the first 15 PCBA samples will be produced shortly 
and be shipped by end of march.

as for the software side, I modified a mt7981 RFB to have  dual flash, 
mikrobus, .... s.T. I could build and test dts files. I ordered the RTC 
used on a carrier board and was able to test it.

all the u-boot patches are pretty much done. there is a pretty elaborate 
uboot-env with lots of commands to provide easy un-brickability.

I have a local OpenWrt tree with ~10 patches that I hope to send as a 
RFC later this week.

the PCB will probably be light blue (PANTONE 306 C) which is the light 
blue used inside the OpenWrt logo. we are still figuring this out with 
the supplier.

I should probably start building a page inside the wiki to provide 
better visibility into what is happening.

shout out to pepe2k, SFC and MTK for the never ending support that they 
provide on this journey.

And an extra big thank you to Simon, the designer/engineer from BPi that 
has been ultra cool in making this become a reality


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